Terms & Conditions

1. Placing order

1.1 Making the order on www.xtremeadv.com, the customer agrees to these conditions.

1.2 By registering on the site www.xtremeadv.com, the customer agrees to provide true, accurate information about your project and your contact information.

1.3 Personal data of the customer are not available to third parties, but saved for the provision of advertising services as provided on the website www.xtremeadv.com.

1.4 Declared site www.xtremeadv.com type of Order depending on the option selected when ordering for products and services. The selected validity period of services will be made all the norms specified in the tariff.

2. Receiving and processing orders

2.1 Orders are accepted through the website www.xtremeadv.com and contact information provided in the section www.xtremeadv.com on contacts.

2.2 Time take orders 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

2.4 After the order of service, the customer pays ordered service, provided details on the website www.xtremeadv.com, after payment, within 12 hours services will be process.

2.5 The order is not considered to be established, if a customer has not paid.

3. Our guarantees and commitments

3.1 We guarantee the confidentiality of all the data entered on the site www.xtremeadv.com all correspondence and any personal data of our customers.

3.2 We never ask our clients to disclose their identity or any documents. We provide complete privacy.

3.3 The client has rights to request not to deploy their project on the list of our portfolio. We must remove the project from the general list of portfolio or not to publish it initially.

3.4 We guarantee to refund to the customer in the amount of 100%, if our service was ineffective. By efficiency is meant the total return on the cost of the product and services.

4. Disclaimer and liabilities

4.1 We do not undertake to refund the expenses cost of an advertising campaign, due to technical failures on the part of the client.

4.2 We reserve the right to refuse to conduct services to the customer. If payment for services has been made, we will refund the full amount back to the customer.