Hyip Promotion

We propose the complex online advertising of your financial project. Only different oriented commercial combination can guarantee an effective result.

Internet advertising HYIP is our strong point!

Let a potential investors be informed about your project. We will help you and in 12 hours after start you will be assessed.

We more effective than the best hyip monitors!

Dispatches by e-mail

E-mail sending by update and topical database of investors.

Dispatches by Social Network

Dispatches by groups and people in social networks.

Dispatches by Skype

Proposal delivery over contacts and investments chats.

Dispatches by Arbitrage

Daily invitation of people to your website from different investments resources.

Dispatches by whatsapp

Dispatches by groups and people in Whatsapp.

Gurranteed Investors

Our secret weapon. Calling in of foreign investors with a big chance of entering the project.


Email: 10000
Skype: 1000 contacts & chat
Social Network: 200 group & pages
Whatsapp: 1000 contacts
Arbitrage: 1000 per Day
Banners: 3 websites
Investment Guaranteed Min.: $200
Email: 25000
Skype: 2000 contacts & chat
Social Network: 400 group & pages
Whatsapp: 3000 contacts
Arbitrage: 2000 per Day
Banners: 5 websites
Investment Guaranteed Min.: $1000
Email: 50000
Skype: 4000 contacts & chat
Social Network: 600 group & pages
Whatsapp: 5000 contacts
Arbitrage: 4000 per Day
Banners: 9 websites
Investment Guaranteed Min.: $3000
Email: 100000
Skype: 7000 contacts & chat
Social Network: 800 group & pages
Whatsapp:10000 contacts
Arbitrage: 5000 per Day
Banners: 12 websites
Investment Guaranteed Min.: $5000